Dieta y Más


» DIETA Y MÁS is the only probiotic that acts on the colon, which is what makes it such a highly effective supplement.

The Dieta y Más probiotic has a regulating effect on obesity and, in animals, was capable of reducing body weight by 6-8% in 12 weeks.

It is important to stress that the strain is resistant to the conditions of technological processes (cooling, freezing, freeze drying and fermentation), ensuring its viability and effectiveness.
DIETA Y MÁS acts as an adjuvant for the necessary changes in lifestyle that people with overweight need to implement, helping to change the intestinal flora towards the patterns found in people with normal weight. Moreover, the purpose of the calcium that is included in DIETA Y MÁS is to help to contribute to establishing a normal energy metabolism. Its effects are to convert the energy in food into energy in the form of ATP, which the body can use more easily. There is scientific agreement over the role it plays in stabilising and enhancing the activity of certain enzymes involved in the energy metabolism.

 In vivo studies of models show that this strain has multiple action mechanisms and acts jointly on the  metabolic and immune malfunctions associated with obesity.
Beneficios de Dieta y Más